A Greener London
Brand Identity, Business Development
After working on a series of other projects, the Director of A Greener London (AGL)  approached me to create a brand identity for his business - specialising in installation and ongoing maintenance of green infrastructure, living walls and eco products.

The client’s brief was simple - create an identity which was both elegant and iconic. The sans-serif font Futura (medium) has been implemented to articulate simplicity and elegance, tradition as well as modernity. It was created in 1927 and is still used ubiquitously. It is a timeless classic, reassuring yet contemporary. The font is used within London's street signage, a relevance to ‘A Greener London's narrative. A simple leaf shape, with a subtle, luxuriant gradient replaces the ‘bowl’ of the second ‘o’ in ‘London’ - a respectful nod to the company’s field.

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